Say NO to AB 84

• NEW AS OF AUGUST: Say NO to AB 84 -- call the Senate Elections Committee today!

- Do you care about public education?
- Do you care about people living in poverty and our homeless population?
- Do you care about the environment and climate change?
- Do you care about migrant children being locked in detention centers?

IF YOU CARE, then CALL these State Senators TODAY and tell them to OPPOSE AB 84. Stop corporations and wealthy interests from the power grab that allows them to circumvent campaign finance laws and amass power within our state legislature.

Senator Henry Stern (D) Malibu

Senator Joel Anderson (R) El Cajon

Senator Ben Allen (D) Santa Monica

Senator Connie Leyva (D) Ontario
(916) 651-4020

Senator Robert Hertzberg (D) Van Nuys


A former board member of the CA Clean Money Campaign attests to how much work the grassroots has put into making CA one of the strongest states on campaign finance reform, placing limits on the power of corporate and wealthy interests that oppose almost everything we care about.

But all of that hard work will be unraveled if AB 84 passes.


Because AB 84 allows our elected officials in the State Legislature to circumvent campaign finance laws and the grassroots of the Democratic Party by creating a legislative caucus fund (whether Democratic or Republican) that can receive $36,400 from individual and corporate entities, where now our legislative candidates can only receive $4,400 in campaign contributions.

And the legislature can use that money to oppose the Democratic Party nominee if they so wish, circumventing the will of the CA State Democratic Party.

And there is NO LIMIT on how much the fund can receive if they use the money on expenses, as opposed to candidates.

That means your influence as a constituent who cares about education, people in poverty, migrant children, and the environment is greatly reduced in comparison to the money flowing in from corporate interests and wealthy donors.

The good news is that we have two strong campaign finance reform legislators on the Senate Elections Committee in Sen. Henry Stern and Sen. Ben Allen. They will likely do the right thing if you make the calls.

The bad news? There are five members on the Senate Elections Committee -- which means we need 3 members to vote NO.

Our greatest chance is moving Bob Hertzberg. If you live in the San Fernando Valley, he may be your representative.



AB 84 Resolution Draft
WHEREAS, the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club believes that big money is corroding our political system by drowning out the voices of the average person while giving special interests a megaphone from which to be heard by elected officials; and

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party has voted to formally oppose Assembly Bill 84, which would have a deleterious impact on the efforts of the Party to provide walk materials, hold trainings, and otherwise support grassroots activities, by enabling donors to bypass the accountability mechanisms the Party has worked hard to implement; and

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party gives the voices of all levels of our Party, from grassroots activists to elected officials, a large say in who receives the party endorsement, an endorsement that would lose its relevance in a world where legislative leadership has access to big money to spend against endorsed candidates of the Party;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club opposes AB 84, and the creation of ‘Legislative Caucus Committees’ that enable California State Assembly and Senate Leadership to bypass the endorsements made by California Democratic Party delegates and that would allow these legislative leaders to raise money from sources proscribed by Party decisions to fund candidates and campaigns independently of the democratic process

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution shall be sent to the following legislators who are in a position to determine the fate of the bill:

State Senator Henry Stern, chair of the Senate Elections Committee
State Assemblyman Marc Berman, chair of the Assembly Elections Committee
State Senator Toni Atkins, California State Senate Pro Tempore
Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the California Assembly
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, the author of Assembly Bill 84