PPDC 2020 election storefront

Are you increasingly excited at the prospect of finally kicking Trump out in November?

Show it! With swagger and ... with swag, at our all-new online PPDC 2020 election storefront!


Get yourself some cool campaign merch and support PPDC's urgent efforts to take back the White House and Senate in November, plus educate voters on — and win — local and state races.


• Nearly 200 items to choose from, with more to come

• Biden swag, but also other Dem cause–related selections!

• Union-made in CA

• Free shipping!

• Proceeds benefit PaliDems, allowing us to help open the Westside Dem HQ


Whether you're a collector or simply want to inspire others to vote blue in November, here's the place to go:



Normally we'd open a physical storefront at the HQ (and still hope to in September), have items available at the PP farmers' market, and hold in-person fundraisers. But alas, that's still up in the air.... For now this is the best way to support your Palisades Dem Club. So please, take a look and get what you like!


PS If you think a choice of 200 goodies is a lot, wait till you see what we add once Biden picks a VP!