The World Takes a Timeout

Most Americans have not experienced what all of us are experiencing now. Almost all public events have been suspended or cancelled, schools are shut down, and people are working from home and not their offices. Elderly people with preexisting health problems are most at risk, and children the least, so Gramma cannot come over to babysit. There is a worldwide timeout going on.

Those of us old enough to be alive during World War II or the Korean or Vietnam Wars have experienced something like this. Young men were going off into battles raging in Germany, Okinawa, Korea or Vietnam, not sure if they were going to come home to their families.

There will be no March Madness to distract us, or a concert or play that we absolutely cannot miss. We are stuck at home, wondering what to do.

During the early days of the Vietnam War, I was a Navy lawyer stationed at Camp Pendleton and I went out to an advanced Marine Corps base and wrote wills for 50 or so Marines about to head into combat in Vietnam. I believe that perhaps half of those wills were probated within the next year or so. Many of those young Marines knew that there was a fairly good chance that they would not come home alive or in one piece.

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PPDC joins admonition of DA Jackie Lacey in advance of March 3 elections

The same night the PaliDems board made its March 3 primary election endorsements, it also approved the issuance of a statement of admonition against L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey's office, signed jointly by members of the Stonewall Democratic Club and PPDC.

Read the statement here, and our March 3 endorsements here. (For DA, PPDC is endorsing Lacey opponent George Gascón in the primary.)

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