Biden Accomplishments

As we gear up for the November midterms, we're thinking about what's important to tell voters.

Since midterms tend to be referendums on the President's job approval to an extent, here's a handy way to remind people of just how much President Biden has achieved in his first year.

Do we all want and need more? Of course! But we have to stop to appreciate what's been done thanks to the President's persistence and skills. It's a lot.

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Gloom and Doom in 2022?

PaliDems board member Edward Everett Vaill pens another insightful article for the LA Progressive.
Here's a taste:
The New York Times this past weekend had an editorial by Christopher Caldwell entitled “New Poll Spells Trouble for Democrats.” Trouble is, the author is a long-time Republican operative with time served on Republican Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard and now a fellow at the right-wing Claremont institute. His article is crammed with wishful thinking....

Medicare Privatization Warning: Trump-Years Booby Trap

Action Alert:

Advocates Sound Alarm Over Quiet Trump Era Move That Could Further Privatize Medicare

"The Biden administration should immediately kill this toxic legacy of the former president."

A little-noticed scheme hatched in the late stages of the Trump presidency has consumer advocates and universal healthcare proponents warning about a creeping attempt to further privatize Medicare—an effort the Biden administration is being urged to stop in its tracks


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Article a few months old but the problem is only growing, and most people aren't aware!