Name Them and Shame Them

America is a country that responds immediately to crisis: We bring flowers and teddy bears and tie yellow ribbons around trees and rubber bracelets on our wrists, but can't bring sanity and moral courage to our leaders. We all know the mind-numbing numbers: over 200 school shootings with 400 dead. Of course there are more numbers, higher numbers, but the children are the saddest and so we have always hoped these babies, who will never know the full measure of their lives, would shock sense into the senseless.

We know now that is not going to happen. Consider this report of the Barden family trying to live without their seven-year-old killed at Sandy Hook and then summoning all of their strength to stop -- in his name, Daniel Barden -- the madness, only to be thwarted at every turn and even as they learned to modify their demands and restrict the meaning of their words to say "gun limits" not "gun control, etc." 


In last night's edition of KCRW's Left, Right, and Center, Katrina vandel Heuvel set forth most passionately what needs to happen: we need to rise up and name CEOs of gun manufacturers; we need to name cowardly Congressmen and Senators who support this murder; we need to picket their offices; we need to rally students and support the #ENOUGH and #MeToo movements and join the students and teachers who leave school in protest across the country on March 14. We need to align ourselves with Sen. Feinstein and determine how we can help get her Assault Weapons Ban bill moving again and with Sen. Chris Murphy, who is taking a lead position on combatting this madness. We need to ask how we can help them. And we need to do it every day, week, and month until we win.

We need to promote the voices of our youth. And every time a naysayer says there is noting to do because the Republicans control the House and Senate, then we double down to vote out those Republicans. But in the meantime, we show them what their votes are doing. We show up at their offices with photos of the dead bodies and we make sure the cameras are there. We ask them if thoughts and prayers would be enough if their loved ones were lying in pools of blood beside their backpacks. We demand that they commit to passing Sen. Feinstein's bill.

And when the Second Amendment is thrown in our faces, we throw it back because the way it is being distorted by Republicans (and Democrats) as an excuse for inaction is no longer acceptable and we must educate all. We dismiss it out of hand because we have no militia to support, just many young bodies to bury.

We get tough and we stay tough until there are no more Sandy Hooks, Columbines, Virginia Techs, and Parklands to regret. We maintain the rage.


-- Carol Coote, PaliDems Board Member