It IS Mueller Time!


So Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally obtained some more grand jury indictments. A week or so ago, I could feel that another set of indictments was coming. And there are (many) more to follow. Trumputin should be quivering in his golden boots, and many of his children, in-laws, assistants and political hacks are certain to end up in the slammer. And if any of the indicted Russians decide to take a nice vacation at the Riviera, they may end up at Quantanamo Bay instead.

Who is now endangered? Given the detail in the 37-page indictment of Russian operatives and trolls, with information clearly provided by NSA and other U.S. spy agency intercepts, by moles in the Russian government, and by Russian operatives who have been flipped, indictments of Americans are sure to follow, and soon.

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