Hot Topic Speaker Series: Opioids in L.A.

Follow-up to our March 26, 2019

Hot Topic Speaker Series event

Addicted: The Opioid Crisis in Our Backyard

Post-event action items:


1. Clare/MATRIX is a substance-abuse nonprofit in Santa Monica. It is also one of only two state licensed "hubs" for the new Hub and Spoke program. This program brings providers -- "spokes" -- together around one "hub" to make treatment more efficient. Amanda Cowan is the Outreach Director for this project at Clare/MATRIX. Her phone number is 323-933-2289. Her email address is


2. Allison Towle, the District Director in State Senator Ben Allen's office, spoke about current opioid legislation. There are 14 bills currently active in CA. There is now an Amendment to SB Bill 486, tightening controls on Recovery Houses, that needs constituent support. The best way to support this bill is for groups or individuals to write letters addressed to the primary author Senator Patricia Bates. Her legislative director Sarah Couch is collecting letters of support and can receive them at her email address: The Bill can be found here:


3. The Los Angeles Field Division of the DEA sent Jena Fellenzer, their Community Outreach Specialist. She is interested in getting into any high schools to make her presentation about drug use prevention outreach and education. Anyone with points of contact can reach Jenna at 213-621-6948 or by email at


4. Captain Haro from the Los Angeles Fire Department spoke about her field experience handling overdoses. She noted that if civilians make the decision to purchase NARCAN (brand name for Naloxone) to keep on hand for a family or community member, they need to be properly trained. In the best circumstances, NARCAN can reverse an opioid overdose. Anyone who has suffered an overdose NEEDS to be evaluated medically at an ER. 911 should be called immediately.


Training for the use of NARCAN can be acquired here:


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We took a close look at how the opioid epidemic is affecting our own city, including discussion of California’s Hub and Spoke Initiative. The Initiative is funded by the state to increase access and availability of medication-assisted treatment options throughout California. With

• Dr. Albert Pacheco, Director of the CLARE|MATRIX Opioid Treatment Program
• Jena Fellenzer, Community Outreach Specialist, DEA 360 Strategy
• Allison Towle, District Director, Office of State Senator Ben Allen

• an LAFD EMS captain

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March 26, 2019 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Palisades Library

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