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Oh wow, did we really get through the November 2022 elections?

Heartfelt thanks to every PPDC supporter and volunteer —

you all played a part in dashing, nay, crushing Republican hopes for a "red wave"

Because of you we were able to target almost $15,000 in donations to candidates across the country most in need and funnel thousands of volunteer hours to our sister GOTV orgs, the Westside Dem HQ and Grassroots Dems

WDHQ 2022 highlights:
The HQ was part of a coalition of 14 Dem clubs that made over 11 million calls, sent millions of texts, sent over a hundred thousand postcards, and knocked on tens of thousands of doors. The crew helped win vital Senate seats by organizing trips to Phoenix, Vegas, and Atlanta, picking up expenses for volunteers who couldn't afford them
Grassroots Dems 2022 highlights:

Our holding the line as well as we did could not be more consequential for the country. Don't for a second underestimate the outsized, vital impact of your participation in the process

Visit our Elections page for the latest L.A. County results and info on future elections

Check out Westside Dem HQ and Grassroots Dems for ongoing GOTV ops, now year-round, not just during high-profile elections!


Click here to read PPDC's condemnation of the behavior of L.A. city councilors revealed via an audio recording in October 2022

Click here for a statement on hate speech from the WDHQ, which PPDC is an affiliate and founding member of


 PPDC Stands with Ukraine

... for democracy

... against war

     Support Ukraine Tee & Tote.jpegU-Crain for Ukraine.jpeg     Freedom Forr Uiraine Tee & Tote.jpg

Advocates Sound Alarm Over Quiet Trump Era Move That Could Further Privatize Medicare

"The Biden administration should immediately kill this toxic legacy of the former president."

A little-noticed scheme hatched in the late stages of the Trump presidency has consumer advocates and universal healthcare proponents warning about a creeping attempt to further privatize Medicare—an effort the Biden administration is being urged to stop in its tracks

Read more at CommonDreams.org — click here

Article a few months old but the problem is only growing, and most people aren't aware!


The “Medicare Advantage” Plan to Kill Real Medicare

If they can move more than half of Americans off traditional Medicare and onto these corporate plans, it’ll provide the political cover to kill off Medicare altogether — and they’re nearly there now



Are you as upset as we are over Texas's Taliban-esque anti-choice law, passed in September 2022?

Click here to learn — and do — more: https://www.palisadesdemclub.org/take_action

Our Take Action page also proposes reforming the filibuster to pass the For the People and John Lewis Voting Rights Acts to fight TX's and other states' antidemocratic, anti-American voter suppression laws



Click the image below to read PPDC's letter of sincerest thanks
to our devoted firefighters




We e-blasted to tell you about the urgency of winning in Wisconsin. If you saw that message and/or already know the story, here are some fun-fective — sorry, we couldn't resist combining "fun" and "effective" to coin a cringe-inducing, horrendously clunky new term that we instantly regretted — local volunteering opportunities.

Missed the message or been too busy till now to learn more? Please scroll down to learn why we've got to win this one. Then scroll back up to pick a shift and pitch in!

Thanks for hearing us out, and, not least, for all your support of PPDC.

With deepest apologies again for "fun-fective."

PPDC partners with two local GOTV HQs that coordinate
superb volunteer efforts with national impact.

Unlike the old days, the work now continues year-round!


GDHQ is running point on the following:
Special Events
Wisconsin Phone Bank w/ rising star Rep. Maxwell Frost
Saturday 4/1/22, 10 AM — RSVP

Wisconsin Phone Bank w/ beloved actor/activist Amy Brenneman

Monday 4/3, 
3:30 PM — RSVP

Wisconsin Phone Bank w/ the one and only Rep. Ted Lieu

Tuesday 4/4 (Election Day!), 8 AM — RSVP

Phone Bank into Wisconsin before and on Election Day, 4/4/23
Multiple times on
Sat., Sun., Mon. & Tue., 4/1 – 4/4 — RSVP

Youth Phone Bank into Wisconsin
in partnership with Wisconsin Democratic Party and Voters of Tomorrow
Tthis event is intended for young volunteers who identify as Gen Z or Millennial
Mon., 4/3, 4 – 6 PM — RSVP
Phone Bank Anytime — Click here!

And the WDHQ points us here:
Phone Banking
Sat, 4/1, 11 AM – 1 PM
Sun, 4/2, 11 AM – 1 PM
Mon, 4/3, 3 – 5 PM
Tue, 4/4, 3 – 5 PM
* * *

Want to text instead of calling?

(w/The Union, Progress North & Field Team 6)

More on the 2022 election:

PPDC is writing to urge you to sign up to help between now and April 4 if you can. Here's why:

Voting rights, reproductive rights, gerrymandering, and so much more are at stake in a supremely key election coming up for Dems....

Electing Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protasiewicz on Tue., April 4 would flip the WI court from conservative to liberal — with far-reaching implications for reproductive rights and even the 2024 Presidential race.

If the conservative majority remains in power, they will maintain a draconian 1849 abortion ban making it a felony to perform an abortion at any stage of pregnancy. No!

And the 2024 Presidential election could very well be decided by Wisconsin. If Trump loses in WI and sues his way to the State Supreme Court, the Presidential election could be decided by Wisconsin's seven justices. Our only chance to FLIP the court to a pro-democracy majority is April 4. 


Thanks for thinking about volunteering or supporting PPDC / GDHQ / WDHQ efforts !

ACTION ALERT — Can you help elect two PPDC board members to be ADEM delegates?

Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, and Bel Air got redistricted into a majority-Valley Congressional and Assembly District. We now share an Assemblymember with people as far away as the Central Coast

To ensure representation, two members of the PPDC Board, Jennifer Miner and Jonathan Zasloff, are running to be ADEM delegates. (Great explanation of what the ADEMs are about here: https://ademelections.com/home.) They seem to be the ONLY TWO candidates running for AD42 who live south of Mulholland

TIME CRUNCH:  If you didn't register to vote by mail you can still vote in person!

Last day to register 1/22/22; last day to vote 1/31

Registration link: https://www.adem.cadem.org


Jennifer Miner and Jonathan Zasloff are running with 12 other candidates on a slate. Unite 42 is made of the following people (you can vote for the whole slate): Jennifer Miner, Jonthan Zasloff, Murtaza Mogri, Karen Sher, Francesca Truncale Adams, Jodie Cooper, Gina Muscatel, Martha Martina-Bravo, Ashley Orozco, Sean Weisman, Jeremy Duran, Phil Loos, and Jordan Roberts

Resilient Palisades Rallies Opposition as California Seeks to Charge Residential Solar Users

Credit and props to Sue Pascoe of Circling the News!

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Even as more residents are installing solar panels and fab eco org Resilient Palisades is trying to establish a solar microgrid in Pacific Palisades, there are storm clouds brewing:

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which governs investor-owned utilities like Southern California Edison and PG&E, is contemplating rules changes to charge solar users and otherwise disincentivize(!) installation

Although the proposals don’t apply to municipal-owned utilities like LADWP, if these rules are implemented, investor-owned utilities will be able to make rooftop solar more costly and less appealing, when we desperately need exactly the opposite!

Read more on our TAKE ACTION page

2023 update: The CPUC passed the new rules. It remains to be seen what effect they'll have, and whether the Democrats' national climate change legislation will help lessen any blow Californians might bear


Check out the HQs for opportunities to fight for victory in the Georgia Senate runoff

scheduled for December 6, 2022

between the brilliant, caring, effective Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock
and inscrutable, mendacious Trump toady Herschel Walker


Here's a handy link for GOTV calling on Election Day, 12/6/22:



Postcarding in person in the Palisades
Wednesdays, 5 to 7 PM

So you want to see Dem victories across the country in November
but aren't quite ready to make calls or knock on doors...

What could be more fun and satisfying than writing postcards to voters in key areas?

A PPDC board member is hosting casual sessions at her lovely home Wednesday eves  : )

Contact us at [email protected] to join or learn more!


From PPDC fave Robert Reich: a reminder of what's at stake and what's in play in the 2022 L.A. mayoral race

Brief powerful piece but even if you don't read/listen to it, consider the bottom line: $2.2M in spending from a progressive public servant vs. $62(!) million from a man who, while honorable, wasn't a Democrat until this year


If consistency on the right to choose is an issue for you, here's an independent expenditure campaign to help Karen Bass win the race for L.A. mayor — against a formidable foe who, until recently, was a Republican, with a record of being anti-choice. Especially important to consider in 2022, when women's right to control their own bodies and protect their lives is on the chopping block (and has been sliced and diced already)
Click to see the hard-hitting ad and donate so it gets seen
For our friends who support Caruso, no hard feelings — ours is a big tent!
Caruso now says he's pro choice, which is much appreciated. The ad shines a light on his past actions so that voters can decide how they feel about the candidate's past vs. current views

Great seeing people in person and online for our most recent event,

a candidates forum for the November 2022 elections

for which 140 of you signed up, thank you!

Missed the forum? Watch a recording here

(with great thanks to the inexhaustible Maryam Zar)


2022's PaliDems Garden Party

was Sunday, August 21, 2 - 4 PM

and wildly successful, with 120+ in attendance!


in person at a beautiful home in the Palisades Riviera as well as on Zoom, with vaccinated & boosted friends and masking as needed



A word about the June 7 2022 primary. OK, a few words:
First, thank you for voting!
Next, a few deep thoughts from our friends at the Bass for Mayor campaign. Please read and spread word to friends...
The media has begun buying into the narrative that Rick Caruso's "law and order" platform resonated with L.A. voters.
In reality, all the platform did was consolidate the Republican and conservative vote. The Democratic and progressive bloc was well over 50% of the vote. All Caruso [himself a Republican until recently] did was spend $1 million for every one percent of the vote he got (he outspent Rep. Bass 13-1). 
  • The primary proves that the people of Los Angeles remain committed to progressive values … and that they’re interested in substance, not distracted by 30-second attack ads that skirt the real issues.
  • Bass was competing with other candidates in her lane like KDL. Caruso was alone in his lane. She picks up support of other candidates for November
  • Karen Bass was outspent 13:1 in this race. She had to face down endless misleading attack ads for months from a billionaire who poured $40 million into smearing her record. But she still came out on top
  • That tells us one thing: Progressive, Democratic values continue to drive Angeleno voters.
  • It tells us that Angelenos want to rebuild our social safety net instead of criminalizing poverty … that they want an affordable city, not one that only the very rich can afford … they want accountability at City Hall, not more developers using big money to shape policy.
  • It’s a lesson Democrats in other parts of the country can learn from: When we stand by the principles that define us as a party … when we fight tirelessly to close the gap between the rich and everyone else … when we commit to end homelessness, not just manage it … when we guarantee that we won’t just stop crime when it happens, we’ll get to the very roots of violence in our city … we win. 
  • It’s easy for the media to push a narrative around the Democratic Party caving to right-wing talking points, moving to tough-on-crime talk … but we’ve demonstrated what voters crave: real leadership from someone who believes in the power of the people to make meaningful change for Los Angeles.

PaliDems supports SB 914 (Rubio) – The HELP (“Homeless Equity for Left Behind Populations”) Act

PPDC sent a letter to all relevant parties involved with this important bill. It reads as follows:

We write to you today, on behalf of the PPDC, in support of SB 914 (Rubio). This important legislation will reduce gender bias and disparities in outcomes in California’s response to homelessness by embedding a focus on domestic violence survivors and other vulnerable populations into local homelessness plans.

Domestic violence is one of the leading drivers of homelessness for women. Nationally, 57% of unhoused women reported domestic violence was an immediate cause of their homelessness. [...]

[Click here to read the rest. If you're in agreement, contact your State Senator in support!]


PPDC endorsements for the November 2022 election are in

Click here for our Endorsements page


PaliDems supports two sister orgs to get our members organized to Get Out The Vote. GOTV hustling is the most important work we can do between now and November to


Click here to check them out and join the action


Final Pop Up HQ
Brentwood/West L.A.
Tuesday (TODAY), 8 AM till 8 PM+: RSVP

Numerous campaigns tell us margins are RAZOR THIN and they need AS MANY phone bankers as possible.

Join us TODAY for an in-person phone bank. Our first shift at 10 AM may have a special guest — we want to start off Election Day as strong as possible! 

Shifts through the day until 8 PM. Bring your fully charged computer and cell phone. When you sign up we will send you the address. Please help!

Who does more for consumers and the average American than Rep. KATIE PORTER, known for standing up to the biggest corporate offenders with data and clarity and laying down the law on MSNBC?
Because of redistricting, she's neck-and-neck with her Republican opponent. Not good...

Can you even imagine Congress without her?
Let's save Katie's seat!

Click here (https://katieporter.com/)
for final GOTV ops


Want to pitch in virtually today?
Phonebank from home with the Grassroots Dems!
Click to learn more & start calling

Or Phonebank for Dems in Battleground States
with the DNC Call Crew

Join the DNC Call Crew
for our Zoom-based phone bank
to Get Out The Vote for Democrats!

We're turning out voters in key states & races the last day of the election

NEW TO CALLING WITH US? No worries! The Zoom phone bank includes a brief training so all new callers will be talking to voters in no time!

MADE CALLS BEFORE? Great! This is a great time to meet other Call Crew members, mods, and staff. Join us to hear updates and make calls together!


Want to see even more Grassroots Dems HQ volunteer info & ops? Click here or here
Click here for other Westside Dem HQ info & events 





Wine & Conversation w/ Karen Bass!
Sun., 10/30, 4 – 5:30 PM
(Beverly Glen address on RSVP)

Perfect opportunity to hear from Karen directly and learn more about her plans for Los Angeles. Bass is on track to make history as the first Black female mayor of Los Angeles, but she can't do it alone. Grassroots donors like you are the backbone of this movement!

Hosted by
Tamara Melzer Levenson (PPDC board member), Melissa Grant (PPDC board member and president emerita), Pastors William & Thembekila Smart, Susy Marks, Nancee & Steve Cron (current PPDC president), Amy Wiwuga, Cathy Salser, Christian D. Green, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, Heart of L.A. Democratic Club



Wed., 9/7/22, 6 PM

Reception in support of the National Democratic Training Committee

Co-hosted by PPDC board member and president emerita Melissa Grant

Grassroots Dems event:
Empowering Our Youth: Supporting Our Next Generation of Policy & Change Makers 
August 21, 2022, 6 PM in Brentwood

This event will support the HQ’s programming to build the “young voter to young organizer” pipeline. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres served!

Sandra Fluke, social justice advocate and public interest attorney, will be joining as a special guest. Sandra will speak about pressing issues young voters are concerned about, including access to reproductive healthcare and environmental justice
Additionally, the youth who power the GDHQ will be sharing which causes and experiences motivate them to be the next generation of change makers

Click here or above to RSVP

Co-hosted by a PPDC board member and one of our sister Dem clubs:
Click above or here to RSVP: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lc080622

Thursday, July 28, 2022, 5 PM

Join the fight with political constitutional superstar Rep. Jamie Raskin!

Saturday, June 11, 2022, right in the neighborhood — come and together we'll show strength in numbers!
The Montana Ave. March for Our Lives–organized event a few years back was a huge success,
well attended without feeling overly crowded, friendly faces everywhere
The more people go, the more attention people, the press, and politicians pay...
The carnage must stop.
June 7, 2022 Primary Election 
8 PM Tuesday, 6/7
is your last chance to drop off your ballot!

Election volunteering opportunities — your help is needed


Karen Bass for Mayor canvassing & phone bank ops

Sign up here to door knock in neighborhoods across the city

Satellite locations in various communities that launch neighborhood canvassing operations and provide campaign materials and swag for local voters. Find a site near you, or one you'd like to visit:

  • Saturdays (10am – 2pm): Baldwin Hills (HQ), Northridge, Little Ethiopia
  • Saturdays (9:30am – 1:30pm): Highland Park, South Park, Hollywood
  • Sundays (1pm – 5pm): Boyle Heights, Van Nuys, Beverlywood, Mar Vista

attend wear orange 2022 — find an event

People around the country are coming together virtually with a simple message: There's more we can do to end gun violence. Join the movement by signing up to attend an event during Wear Orange Weekend, June 3 – 5

For more information about events in your area, contact [email protected]




In light of the horrific school shooting in Texas,

supermarket shooting in Buffalo, and countless other horrors,

please consider joining and taking action with Wear Orange

and other anti-gun-violence groups in whatever ways you can

to stop these ongoing, insane tragedies

The road to holding a Democratic majority in Congress in November 2022
runs right through California
That’s why the Westside Dem HQ and PPDC are proud to be co-hosts for a very special event, 


Congressional candidate Jay Chen
Congressman Ted Lieu
L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
AND SPECIAL GUEST Actor & Comedian Paul Reiser!
This new district is +4% Democrats and Jay is the antidote to his opponent, ultra-right-wing Michelle Steel, who's WAY too extreme for CA-45

Democrats CAN keep the House in the 2022 midterms....but only with YOUR help.
We can rage in the streets but building BLUE power is the best revenge



Happy to host so many supporters at May's in-person Karen Bass event!

Supreme Court Leak:

Our Worst Fears Confirmed

Abortion is still legal. It's still your right. But the Supreme Court is prepared to end your constitutional right to abortion. Our country is facing an abortion access crisis.

By this summer, 26 states could move to ban abortion — affecting 36 million women, plus more people who can become pregnant. This is personal.



From womensmarch.com

SHOW UP to Protect Roe & Abortion Rights

On May 2nd, we learned that at least five unelected and unaccountable Supreme Court justices decided they just don’t care about women, precedent, the Constitution, or about the institution they ostensibly serve 

On May 3, 2022 we mobilize to protect Roe and abortion rights

Show up!

Washington DC: 8AM to 8PM at the steps of the Supreme Court

Nationwide: 5PM local time at federal courthouses, federal buildings (the Westside's is at 11000 Wilshire just east of the 405), town halls, and town squares across the country

We’re showing up for abortion rights, saying bans off our bodies, and demanding that elected officials take action before the Court gets the chance to overturn abortion




In person: Adam Schiff, Mike Levin, Betty Yee, Jay Chen, Rusty Hicks...

Spring into the Blue Wave, the GDHQ's big fundraiser, co-sponsored by PPDC, is less than two weeks away!

Evening of Sunday, May 1 at a home in Pacific Palisades [location updated]

We are thrilled Reps Adam Schiff and Mike Levin, CA State Controller and CDP Vice Chair Betty Yee, CDP Chair Rusty Hicks, and CA-45 Congressional candidate Jay Chen will join as keynote speakers! Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served




Time to get back on the horse: WE CAN HOLD THE HOUSE AND SENATE and even advance our gains!



Join the California Democratic Party,
the Democratic Party of Orange County, and
your Westside Democratic HQ

for a virtual reception featuring an exciting lineup of special guests, including

Senator Alex Padilla and Rep Katie Porter

Young Dems: $20.22
Supporters: $100
Sponsors: $500
Attend the VIP Zoom clutch: $1,000




Thanks to all who attended our

March Candidate Forums 



First we heard from candidates for mayor & city council. Then from

Candidates for Supervisor, Sheriff, & State Controller

Sun., 3/27/22, 1 PM

L.A. County Board of Supervisors District 3: West Hollywood City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath, State Senator Henry Stern

L.A. County Sheriff: Sheriff Alex Villaneuva (to be confirmed), Chief of LAX Police Cecil Rhambo, former Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna, L.A. County Sheriff's Chief Eliezer Vera

California State Controller: L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin, State Board of Equalization member Malia M. Cohen, Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yui


Click here to watch the video recording on our new YouTube channel


Thanks to the 150+ who signed up for last week's Candidates Forum


Mayoral: Rep. Karen Bass, L.A. City CM Joe Buscaino, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer

City Council District 11: Erin Darling, Greg Good, Jim Murez, Mike Newhouse, Traci Park, Allison Holdorff Polhill


Don't worry if you missed it — for the next few weeks

you should be able to watch it by clicking here 


Valentine's Day political love: Two US Senate candidates come to the Palisades (home of a PPDC board member) on 2/14/22 at 1 PM — join in person or by Zoom!

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, candidate for US Senate in NC
Congressman Tim Ryan, candidate for US Senate in OH


It is imperative to maintain our Senate majority and to add 2 seats so we don’t have to rely on Manchin & Sinema. Looking at the landscape, Tim and Cheri both have a real shot. Come meet and support them and consider donating regardless!
TIM RYAN has won in a purple district for many years and has spent his career fighting for Ohio workers. He has been endorsed by Senator Sherrod Brown and the more you know him, the more he will restore your confidence that there are great people in Congress.
In addition to making history as the first African American woman to serve as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Cheri is the only candidate in the North Carolina Senate race that has won statewide election twice. Chief Justice CHERI BEASLEY has won statewide election twice and picked up endorsements from the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, over 200 leaders in North Carolina including Governor Roy Cooper, and was the first non-incumbent candidate endorsed by EMILY’s List this cycle. She has consistently led every candidate in the race in fundraising, and she is polling competitively with both leading Republican candidates.

For the first time in Los Angeles history and only the second time in NFL history,

Our great city hosted a Super Bowl featuring L.A.'s home team, the L.A. Rams.

The game, played in SoFi Stadium on February 13, could be a once-in-a-lifetime event for L.A. and the Rams.

PPDC, though not officially endorsing one team, does more or less officially love L.A., and so are happy to congratulate the Rams for winning the Super Bowl at home!  : )

Thanks to the 150 who signed up for our 2022 Annual Meeting with electeds

Missed it?
Jan. 6, the anniversary of Trump's mind-blowingly execrable attempt to subvert American democracy, is tomorrow. We must not forget, and we have to act fast to fix what's broken. VIGIL
5 – 7 PM, 1/6/22
at the Federal Bldg., 11000 Wilshire — come if you safely can, candle or candle app in hand! 

Click here to sign up or see more info

Or go deeper and join our sister orgs, the Westside Dem HQ and Grassroots Dems HQ, in taking action

Maintain our democracy

Defeat Republicans and elect Democrats

Be the change you want to see!


GRASSROOTS DEMS HQ info and signups here


Lots of different options for pitching in, either in virtual groups or on your own from home, or in person when safe!

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