June 25th The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, the PaliDems, held Part 2 of our Call to Action that began in March. This meeting focused on healthcare and the environment. 

Healthcare was especially timely since the leadership in the California Assembly had just decided to postpone a bill for single-payer healthcare, that would remove the insurance practices that stand between doctors and patients. The discussion about the environment included a new effort to mobilize Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest city, on the scale of home front mobilizations during World War II.

But the overarching theme was insulating California from the troubling policies coming out of Washington and the Republican controlled federal government. State Senator Ben Allen spoke about initiatives in California to assert state’s rights and move ahead with our agenda putting people and the environment ahead of corporate interests.


Check this short video this out explaing healthcare's 'middleman'  - click here


Dr. Paul Song, Co-Chair of the Campaign for a Healthy California, was joined by  representatives of the California Nurses Association – Mari Lopez and Lucia Brandt. SB562, now in the state Assembly would cover everyone including undocumented workers, and still save the state 18% on healthcare overall. How is that possible? Non-profit funded single payer saves money because it eliminates insurance company profits.

CALL TO ACTION: Call/email/tweet key members of the legislature to support SB 562:

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-63) 916-319-2063, health committee chair Jim Wood 916-319-2002, and if you are in District 50, Assemblymember Richard Bloom has not taken a position 916-319-2050

Deadline is July 14th.


On the environment – and we were reminded the environment also affects our health – we heard presentations from David Pettit of Natural Resources Defense Council and RL Miller who is founder of Climate Hawks Vote.

Among the issues presented SB 100 to require California to get 100 percent of our electricity from renewable sources before mid-century. And SB 71, requiring all new buildings to have solar rooftops by 2022. A handout from City Councilmember Paul Koretz called on “creative minds and grassroots activists to create the City of the Future … here, on the ground, in the City of Angels.”

CALL TO ACTION: Please express your support for SB 100 and SB 71, as well as three other bills specifically protecting California from Trump-administration attempts to overturn automobile fuel standards (SB49), public lands use (SB 50) and protection for whistle blowers (SB51).

PaliDems are most active at election time, but we can’t wait. It’s urgent to protect out healthcare and environment from Washington. California leads the way, and we lead California.