Here’s How Trumputin and the Russians Did Their Evil Dance

 by Ted Vaill - Board Member PaliDem Club

After 50 years as a lawyer, dealing largely with complex cases, I have become adept at parsing through facts and coming up with a “theory of the case”: a storyline that explains what happened. I am not always right, but I have found that I am usually right. So here is my storyline as to how Trumputin (as I call him) became entwined with Putin and his Russian thugs and won the 2016 American Presidential election…

What Probably Happened

In the mid-1990s, Trumputin’s business operations were bankrupt, largely because of his bad bets on Atlantic City casinos, and no banks would loan him money for his future operations. So he shifted his business operations to licensing his name to various business ventures, taking a licensing fee and putting no money into the ventures. Ten years later, his business was again basically solvent, but the banks still would not touch him, except for some sketchy ones, like Deutsche Bank, which specialized in money laundering for Russian oligarchs, and other similar sleazy characters, like those operating the Bank of Cyprus. read more