Gun and Ammunition Safety Legislation

Despite California's strict gun-control laws, it is important to augment them with still-stricter laws. Most important, we need to continue to support a ban on assault weapons as well as devices such as bump stocks used to turn rifles into automatic weapons.

Of equal importance, we support California's law that prohibits cities and counties from making their own gun regulations, giving the state uniform laws; however, guns can be brought into the state by citizens of other states who are passing through. We must work with the legislature to ban those traveling with guns from entering California, and so-called "straw purchasing." We also support funding the implementation of the laws California has passed, as well as funding for expanding universal background checks and the limitation of access to guns for people in crisis.

It is the position of the Democratic Party that we need the strongest gun-control and ammunition-control laws. Without them, we cannot ensure the health and well-being of our citizens.