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November 7th is a big election day -- The state of Virginia went to Clinton, but Republicans still have a stronghold in the House of Delegates. There are over 100 Democratic candidates running to retake the Virginia House of Delegates and Code Blue is focusing on 13 districts. If we reach enough voters, we have a chance to flip the house.

Washington State has Democrats running in 3 state senate races and if we flip one we will give Democrats a trifecta in that state and break an impasse in state government around budget priorities, tax policy and school funding.

Connecticut has become dangerously tipped toward red. The state senate is tied and the Dems have only a 7 seat margin in the state house.

There is no shortage of opportunities for us to make a difference and bring a wave of blue back to state and federal legislatures. We need your help to get out the word and build momentum for these elections! We can win if we all pitch in!

Code Blue's Daily Action Page has all the resources you'll need to support Code Blue endorsed candidates across the country. Please check this page out daily and phone bank, text, and donate for all the candidates you want to support! Keep us posted of what you and your groups are doing -- post a selfie or group photo on the Code Blue Facebook page with an update or send it and we will post it to encourage others to join the effort.

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