Environmental Protections and Climate Change Solutions

We must diligently protect our environment and aggressively fight climate change. We need to set and meet more ambitious, urgent targets including 100% renewable energy for California by 2035.

To assist during the disruption of established energy industries, we must provide career opportunities for displaced workers in emerging renewable technologies, making a shift to clean energy good for our economy.

It's long past time to enact a ban on the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which contributes to even more emissions from fossil fuels, while contaminating our water supply.

It's time to ban single-use plastics, and start by imposing taxes on them, redirecting funds to support initiatives in clean energy, healthy soil, compost, and eco-restoration projects.

To protect our environment and food supply, we must support farmers in building healthy soil so that we can sequester carbon on agricultural lands (regenerative agriculture), prevent erosion, clean up our water cycle, and grow more nutritious food.

We must also promote growing food in urban areas (including food deserts), to ensure green, open space for all families, with access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We recognize that our planet is habitat for millions of species, many of which are under threat, and that biodiversity must be part of the solution for any resilient ecosystem or community.


Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

is a founding member of the Green Dream Campaign.