Let's Restore DACA and Rescue Our DREAMers

Donald Trump did something inhumane, cruel, and heartless, calling for an end to the DACA program and throwing the futures of 800,000 young immigrants into uncertainty.
You may be disheartened, frustrated and angry, but one thing you are not is powerless. Join Sea Change this month as we work to help flip the House from red to blue, starting in Congressional District 25. Here’s how you can participate:

Sept. 17 - Join us for a canvass training with OFA. You’ll learn new techniques for engaging voters at the doors.

Sept. 23 - Volunteer for our Day of Action in CD-25. We’ll be knocking on doors and talking to voters about the issues that matter to them.

Sept. 23 - Volunteer to drive canvassers. We’re looking for volunteers to drive our vans and transport canvassers from LA to the Santa Clarita Valley. Email info@seachangepac.org to sign up!

On the 23rd, we’ll be talking to voters about their representative Steve Knight. He has a history of anti-immigrant stances, including voting to deny DREAMers the right to serve in the military, calling public school classes  for English learners a burden on the state, and supporting Arizona’s notorious “show me your papers” immigration law. Now, he’ll be one of the people tasked with voting for legislation that determines the future of DREAMers. It’s time for him to go!
Keep Resisting,
Sea Change Team
PS - Can't join us on the 23rd but want to support Sea Change volunteers? Click here to make a donation to support this mobilization.