Citizens United and Money in Politics

Overturn Citizens United & Get Corporate Money out of Politics

America can't get corporate money out of politics until we overturn Citizens United. The fight to overturn Citizens United may take decades, and it must be fought constantly. For now, we must go to court and file lawsuits against elements of Citizens United in district and federal courts around the country and chip away at the provisions and validity of this law.

We must eventually come to a national consensus and have three quarters of state legislatures pass a constitutional amendment to ban corporate donations. This pursuit will help accomplish the goal of ending Citizens United, and also raise awareness of the issue by providing an understanding to average citizens of the importance of getting corporate money out of politics.

We must end corporate financing of local races such as local school board, city council and statewide elections. We need public financing of all elections to stop corporations and PACs from buying politicians in cities, counties, and states around the country. Teachers, nurses, and social workers shouldn’t be prevented from running for office because they can’t compete with billion-dollar candidates.