August PPDC board actions

PaliDems take action

New Nov. 3 ballot proposal endorsements
(we'll be reviewing them all bit by bit as we approach Election Day, and will add info — and candidate endorsements — regularly)

Proposition 14—Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative

Proposition 15—Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Government

Proposition 16—Repeal Proposition 209 Affirmative Action Amendment

Proposition 17—Constitutional amendment that would allow people on parole for felony convictions to vote in California



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PPDC endorses rethinking policing


Written by Steve Krantz, Board Member
Adrienne Burk, Past President
Cindy Kalman, President
Valley Grassroots for Democracy
July 7, 2020 ADOPTED by Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

WHEREAS policing techniques have historically been used to victimize people of color, minorities, and certain religions and resulted in disproportionate actions taken against these groups that resulted in bodily harm, financial hardship and too often death, especially in the black and brown communities, and;

WHEREAS the militarization of police departments with equipment and weapons of war; the lack of transparency surrounding police actions with inconsistent use of bodycams and the inconsistent release of those and bystanders’ videos for viewing by the public, the code of

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PPDC opposes three housing bills

PPDC's board votes to oppose the following three housing bills under consideration in the CA State Senate:

SB 1085
Density Bonus Law: qualifications for incentives or concessions: student housing for lower income students: moderate-income persons and families: local government constraints

1) This bill would require a city or county to grant a density bonus and certain incentives/concessions if the developers includes a specified percentage of units for low/moderate income (30% below market rate). Increases density bonus to 40% for 11% very low income.

2) Requires reporting for low-income student units included in any density bonus

3) This bill would remove the specified adverse impact on the physical environment from the list of reasons for which a city or county is authorized to refuse a concession or incentive. Prohibits affordable housing impact fees.

4) No reimbursement is required by the state to cities or counties for costs mandated

There is no specific provision for High Risk Fire Areas and it is unclear whether exceptions could be made for those areas.


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July PaliDems votes

PPDC votes to give $500 apiece to Senate candidates

John Hickenlooper

Sara Gideon

Teresa Greenfield

Steve Bullock

Cal Cunningham

and L.A. DA candidate

George Gascón


Affordable housing bills reviewed: SB 1385 endorsed. SB 902, 1120 and 1085 opposed.

PPDC votes to endorse Valley Grassroots for Democracy Police reform resolution

Motion passes to support the OC Democratic Party's call to rename John Wayne Airport the Orange County Airport

PPDC supports H. Res. 998 to condemn police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN, in whose district the George Floyd killing took place), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduce H. Res. 988 to condemn police brutality, racial profiling and the excessive use of force.

The resolution states

That the House of Representatives—

(1) condemns all acts of brutality, racial profiling, and the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers and calls for the end of militarized policing practices;

(2) supports strengthening efforts to eliminate instances of excessive use of force, and conduct stringent oversight and independent investigations into instances of police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force, and hold individual law enforcement officers and police departments accountable, including—

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PPDC supports End Qualified Immunity Act


US Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) will co-lead with Justin Amash (L-MI) the effort to pass the End Qualified Immunity Act, which would eliminate a “permanent procedural roadblock for plaintiffs” that thwarts them from “obtaining damages for having their rights violated.”

Ever since Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1871, individuals have been able to sue state and local officers for infringing on their constitutional rights. But in 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that government officials were entitled to qualified immunity from civil-rights lawsuits, if their actions didn’t violate “clearly established” rights.

Ending qualified immunity would “restore Americans’ ability to obtain relief when police officers violate their constitutionally secured rights." At the same time, it would also provide a powerful incentive for municipalities (who are generally responsible for paying out judgements and settlements) to restructure their law enforcement agencies and adopt policies and practices that curtail abuses of power. Those measures could include implementing de-escalation tactics and revising use-of-force standards, as well as firing and blacklisting rogue agents.

Abolishing qualified immunity does not mean that anyone who files a civil rights lawsuit would automatically win their case against an officer. Instead, it would eliminate a barrier that arbitrarily prevents juries from hearing and deciding cases on their merits.

Click below to read the Amash/Pressley letter to Congress.

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PPDC signs on to CA Young Democrats resolution on police reform


The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club (PPDC) stands in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and peaceful protests against police brutality. The brutalization and killing of George Floyd, along with many others over the decades, including the 601 people killed by LAPD and LASD in Los Angeles County, cannot stand unchallenged. As a taxpayer-funded service, police departments must treat our communities of color with respect and be accountable for use of excessive force.

PPDC joins the California Young Democrats (CYD) in calling for institutional changes to our criminal justice and legal systems. We also join CYD in calling for the Democratic Party to “cease accepting campaign contributions and financial contributions from organizations that protect the status quo [proactively defending institutional policies within police departments that allow peace officers to avoid accountability for wrongdoing] of policing and seek to disrupt the meaningful work of police and criminal justice reform.”

PPDC supports the right of protesters to speak out against police brutality, and we urge all police departments to use restraint in protecting the safety of the protesters and the broader community. We also strongly urge everyone who has been affected by this national trauma to participate in the Census, register to vote, and ultimately vote for change in November.

Preserve Ballona Wetlands

PPDC signs on to the following LACDP Ballona Wetlands resolution

Resolution on Preserving the Ballona Wetlands Reserve

Whereas, while more than 90 percent of California’s coastal wetland ecosystems have been destroyed, the type of habitat found at the Ballona Wetlands Reserve is the rarest of our remaining coastal wetlands, 640+ acres on the Los Angeles coast were acquired by the State of California in 2003/2004 for preservation using $140 million, mostly from Wildlife Conservation bond funds, and the reserve is public land dedicated for protection of ecologically sensitive species; and

Whereas, flora and fauna found at the reserve include endangered and imperiled species such as the California Gnatcatcher, White-tailed Kite, California Least Tern, Belding’s Savannah Sparrow, El Segundo Blue Butterfly and the Lewis’ Primrose; some species are year round residents of Ballona while some bird species migrate from as far away as the Amazon River and Arctic Circle; this ecosystem has abundant flora and fauna, including rare species and a high diversity of pollinators; and

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Were You Born in a Bad Year?

L.A. Progressive article written by PPDC board member Ted Vaill

I was born on the day Hitler visited Paris after the collapse of France in World War II. Not a great day in world history. Two decades later, I was facing an order to report for induction in the U.S. Army to defend my country in the Vietnam War, which then was just ramping up.

Many Americans have faced what I did during their early adult lives. Many of us who fought in the Vietnam War were only made “adults” when the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 after it was argued that “if you are asked to fight and die for your country, you should be given the right to vote.”

If you were born in the American colonies in the 1750s, you were faced in 1776 or 1777 with making a decision re whether or not to join the rebel patriots fighting the British forces controlling their American Colony.

If you were born in the American colonies in the 1750s, you were faced in 1776 or 1777 with making a decision re whether or not to join the rebel patriots fighting

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The 2020 Election: Can Democracy Be Saved?

by Ted Vaill (VP, Malibu Dem Club; PPDC board member) and Jon Katz (President, Santa Monica Dem Club)

Election Day, November 3, 2020, is less than six months away. What will the world be like by then? Will the Covid-19 virus be contained? Will there be a fall spike upward of the virus? Will Americans be allowed to leave their homes to vote? Will we all vote by mail? Will we be able to vote at all?

Most importantly, what can Progressives do to insure that the Tyrant Trump is not reelected? What can we do to flip the Senate as well? We can dump Trump and elect Biden or whomever, but without a Democratic majority in the Senate starting in January 2021, a full recovery from the virus and of our democracy will be crippled.

We can dump Trump and elect Biden or whomever, but without a Democratic majority in the Senate starting in January 2021, a full recovery from the virus and of our democracy will be crippled.

Here is what we need to do:

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