One of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in California


The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club (aka PaliDems, or PPDC) has come a long way since a group of politically active Palisadians incorporated a local Democratic club in the 1950s. We remain just as committed to meaningful change today — in California, the nation and the world — as we were on day one.

We're one of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in Southern California.

Most importantly, the club has a membership base that supports progressive ideals. They donate to the cause, attend events, and, when it's safe, show up for canvassing, phone banking, and advocacy of local, state, and national issues and candidates.


Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month,

6:30 – 8:30 PM, at various locations, though of late of course we're distancing and on Zoom.

Call 310-230-2084 or email us if you're interested in attending!


We are working to insure that the following Democratic values and goals stay or become fundamental American priorities:

Women’s access to abortion and contraception
Scientific research and development
Electing progressive Democrats to city, state, county, and federal offices
Environmental protection, addressing climate change
Improved and expanded Medicare-for-All, single-payer system

The list goes on -- click here to read more about PalDems issues