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** Redistricting Alert **

California's independent redistricting commission recently posted draft maps for State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional districts.

It's no longer Halloween, but frighteningly, there are proposals to split the Palisades down the middle, using Sunset Blvd. as a dividing line and possibly grouping us with parts of the Valley.

PPDC is joining the Pacific Palisades Community Council in strong opposition to these proposals. Please take a moment to read our letter (below) to the redistricting commissioners.

If you agree and would like to give your own feedback on the district maps, please visit https://airtable.com/shrQDD2ta2emnSzzO and share your thoughts ASAP. The commission wants to finalize the maps very soon.

Use SD_SDSHORELINE_DRAFT for Senate District comments, AD_MALIEVENT_DRAFT for Assembly, and CD_MALIBUSFV_DRAFT for Congressional.

See the maps here:

Congressional District (page 43)
Senate District (page 36)
Assembly District (pp. 56 – 61)




Dear Commissioners:

The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club (PPDC) is a prominent, chartered Democratic club representing hundreds of dues-paying members for whom democratic values and the interests of this remarkable community and its environs are paramount. Pacific Palisades has a population of roughly 25,000 and lies between the Santa Monica Mountains range and the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the westernmost point of the City of Los Angeles.

We strongly object to the proposal to divide Pacific Palisades into different Congressional and State Senate and Assembly districts, with Sunset Blvd. as the dividing line. Moreover, combining any portion of our community with areas in the San Fernando Valley does not make sense for reasons of demographics and common interest, as noted below.

Pacific Palisades was formally founded in 1921 and over the decades has become a tight- knit community of residents who are proactive in preserving the unique qualities of the neighborhood. Residents are very involved in local civic matters as well as regional and national politics. We have a keen interest in the redistricting process, as our elected representatives are closely tied with our community. At the Democratic club, specifically, we have monitored the progress of the Commission and are alarmed to hear that there is any plan whatsoever to consider splitting this community into different Congressional, Senate, and Assembly districts.

The Palisades is one connected neighborhood comprised of like-minded residents sharing similar goals, geography, and values in a community that has numerous community organizations and hundreds of volunteers that work hard to keep it connected and unique. What makes the Palisades remarkably tight-knit is that we all come together as one incredibly unified community no matter where we reside in the broader neighborhood. Any attempt to break up this community -- no matter how well-meaning -- would destroy its character and divide a tight-knit community that is uniquely like minded with respect to civic affairs.

The characteristics of our topography are as unique as our community-minded residents. We are away from main arteries of ingress and egress, and we host major recreation areas for the City and County of Los Angeles, including the great shoreline and the Santa Monica Mountains with their myriad hiking trails. The main artery for ingress and egress for almost all Palisades neighborhoods is Sunset Boulevard — it unifies us. It should not be the element that divides us along Congressional or State representational lines.

Our community has long been represented by one Congressperson elected in the 33rd Congressional District; our Assembly district has long been the 50th, and our Senatorial district is the 26th. We urge you to keep these representational boundaries unified and uniform. Dividing Pacific Palisades between areas north and south of Sunset for purposes of representation in Congress and the State Assembly is contrary to the interests of Palisades residents and achieves no demographic or electoral end.

Perhaps most critically, the Palisades is not connected in any way with communities in the San Fernando Valley — neither geographically, demographically, nor with respect to our electoral interests or priorities.

We call your attention to the “Community of Interest Statement” our Community Council submitted in August 2021 on behalf of the community in connection with the City of Los Angeles redistricting process: http://pacpalicc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/PPCC-Community- Interest-Statement-8-12-21.pdf.

“As detailed in this Statement, Pacific Palisades has no relationship to communities in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles; we are too distant and different from these communities -- most of which are not in the VHFHSZ or in hillside or coastal areas; there is not even a street directly connecting the Palisades (on the south slope of the Santa Monica Mountains) to any communities in the Valley. The top ridge of the Santa Monica Mountains range (Mulholland Drive) has long been our logical and traditional dividing line.” (David Card, PPCC President)

On the other hand, we are closely aligned with the community of Brentwood (to our east) with whom we share the Brentwood-Pacific Palisades Community Plan (the BPCP). Our community is also demographically and electorally akin to the communities of Santa Monica and Malibu.

For these reasons and more, we urge you to retain the current representational boundaries for the community of Pacific Palisades.


Steve Cron
Pacific Palisades Democratic Club


Palidems supports two sister orgs to get our members organized to Get Out The Vote. Check them out and join the action!


Thank you for your help on the New Jersey and Virginia races!

We came close in VA and won in a squeaker in NJ, so your work truly made a difference

There's always more to be done. Read (and click) on!

Westside Dem HQ volunteer ops? Click here

Just hours after the attempted coup on January 6, 147 Republicans voted to overturn an American election. The good news is we’ve found 3 million unregistered Democrats in these traitors’ districts! If we register some of those voters, we can make sure they lose their seats by a landslide and replace them with Democrats who know the meaning of democracy
Welcome to our new 
 postcarding campaign!

Cool campaign to defund Fox News

Pay for cable or satellite? You’re subsidizing Fox News whether you watch or not. Your provider pays a subscriber fee to carry Fox News. That cost is passed directly on to YOU.
Every network charges a small fee per subscriber; the one for Fox News is extraordinarily high. A typical household pays Fox News almost $2 per month—about $20 per year—via their provider, regardless of whether they actually watch the channel.
In 2021, a wave of big contracts between Fox News and TV providers for subscriber fees are set to expire. These contracts make up about 65% of Fox News’ subscriber fee revenue. If we want to stop paying the Fox News “tax,” now is the time to act.

Reform the filibuster and pass the
For the People Act

** OCTOBER 20, 2021 UPDATE: Senate Republicans again block the bill from moving forward **

After Covid relief, nothing is more important than passing voter protection. Infrastructure? Absolutely, we need both the bipartisan agreement and the much-negotiated larger Democratic human infrastructure bill. But without voting reforms and protection, our democracy itself is in peril.

Witness Texas's, Georgia's, and other states' voter suppression (and anti-choice, another issue in need of federal redress) laws. Enacting federal laws is our only hope of overriding those malevolent state laws.

The House passed their version, H.R. 1. But the Senate version, S 1, was filibustered by Senate Republicans. Arrrgh!

Passage in the Senate will take reforming the filibuster in ways acceptable to Sens. Manchin and Sinema. Our collective activism seems to be working, shaking Manchin out of the worst of his intransigence.

All Americans should agree that the more often people who are eligible to vote exercise that right, the better. And that the rich should not be able to buy elections. Let's rally behind this cause as fervently as we fought for change in November 2020. Otherwise a rigged, suppressive system may silence us permanently at the polls.

The For the People Act or its successor may be our last chance to preserve the right to vote. Please sign the petition, call your Senators, write letters, make noise. (If you have friends in West Virginia or Arizona, their word will carry extra weight, so pass this along!) These sites make it easy:





First Texas spit on voters. Now, women. Those of us who care MUST fight back!

Here's a brilliant explainer about the law passed and why it's so convoluted and dangerous.

Great Chris Hayes rant (click image to view on YouTube):

Watch, then read this InStyle piece on how you can pitch in now, from home, to support vulnerable Texans' endangered rights:

- - - - - - - - - • - - - - - - - - -

PAST EVENTS (for the record):


Phone Bank

Keep VA Blue - Terry McAuliffe for Gov!

Virtual event · Join from anywhere
Join Westside Democratic HQ and call to keep Virginia blue!
Show details
Pacific time
Mon, Oct 25 · 3–6pm
Mon, Nov 1 · 3–6pm
Click the images below for more events:

CA for VA: Californians helping keep Virginia blue

** Big in-person CA for VA fundraiser Wed., Oct. 13 at Bergamot Station — click here **

Register new Dems in CA-29

CA-25 Voter Registration Day of Action

Door to door canvassing in Orange County (Field Team 6, Good Neighbor)

and more!

March with us Saturday, October 2 in the
March for Reproductive Rights
Want to volunteer for the march? See below
This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for women's rights. After Texas banned all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, the US Supreme Court chose not to intervene — effectively allowing Texas to sidestep the precedent of Roe v. Wade
The Court will reconvene October 4, and two days before that they will see millions of women and allies, in every state and dozens of major cities, marching to defend their fundamental rights
Join us as we peacefully march with millions of people across the nation
to defend ALL women's reproductive rights
We won’t let lawmakers or the Supreme Court take away our reproductive freedoms.
Rise up and stand together!
=== SAFETY ===
FACE MASKS REQUIRED -- let's keep this event safe for everyone!
Rally signs, face masks, hand sanitizer, water, snacks, and noisemakers. Bring your friends and family too!

Volunteer info
Women's March Foundation is hosting the March for Reproductive Rights along with more than 90 other organizations. Similar marches are being held in every state in the country in reaction to the draconian Texas six-week abortion ban, which allows anyone to sue abortion providers and patients.  
The Los Angeles March is from 10 AM to 2 PM and will start at Pershing Square (532 S. Olive Street) and end at City Hall. The Grassroots Democrats HQ is the official voter registration partner for the March. They will have a voter registration table at City Hall and circulate through the crowd with clipboards to register voters.  
Looking for volunteers to help us register voters at the March:If you are interested, please let us know ASAP by clicking here to email. The L.A. City Clerk's Office is holding an online voter registration training session Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 6 PM on how to assist voters to register online and otherwise. 
We hope you'll volunteer, but even if you don't, please do participate in the March!


Saturday, Sept 11th: 10 am -12:30 pm & 1 pm -3:30 pm
Sunday, Sept 12th: 1 pm -3:30 pm & 4 pm - 6:30 pm
Monday, Sept 13th: 4 pm - 6:30 pm 
Tuesday, ELECTION DAY 1 pm -3:30 pm & 4 pm - 6:30 pm
other times below through GDHQ

🚨 We need you! 🚨

Neighborhoods with voters who have not turned in their ballots:
Rancho Park
Pacific Palisades
These neighborhoods still have not been canvassed!

Other canvassing
Canvassing is our top priority. There will be 4 in-person staging locations in L.A. for GOTV. If you want to canvass to stop the recall the last three days of the election, you should go to these locations. The campaign, CADEM, labor, and other partner organizations will be launching from these locations as part of a consolidated, coordinated effort
Volunteers will be given priority neighborhoods to canvass at these staging locations. Doorhangers and training for PDI (app used to canvass) will be provided
The canvassing schedule for GOTV is as follows and applies to all these priority locations: 
Sun 9/12 – 12pm-4pm & 4pm-8pm
Mon 9/13 – 12pm-4pm & 4pm-8pm
Tues 9/14 – 12pm-4pm & 4pm-8pm

Priority Staging Locations and Registration
South East LA
5480 Ferguson Drive
Long Beach
2201 Cherry Ave
Long Beach
Greater Downtown Communities
1545 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100
Los Angeles
SF Valley
400 Chatsworth Dr
San Fernando
If none of those work for you, join our friends and neighbors for 
WeHo/Hollywood CANVASSES
Sunday, Sept 12th Canvass with LA City Controller Ron Galperin!
 Questions re: Weho/Hollywood canvasses?  Please reach out to [email protected]
Santa Monica CANVASSES
Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays 
West LA / Mar Vista / Westchester / Playa del Rey / Del Rey / Marina del Rey CANVASSES
Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 
The leading Republican candidate says that on Day 1, he will roll back vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and associated funding. At a time when ICU beds are quickly filling in other states with anti-mask, anti-vax Governors in charge, we cannot allow our state to slide into chaos
A Republican Governor could appoint our next U.S. Senator, veto important progressive legislation, and more
If Democrats don’t get out and vote NO on the recall, a Trump ally with only 30% of the votes could become governor
We MUST fight! Lives, quite literally, depend on it

You can be the difference in this election from the comfort and safety of your home! We are hosting virtual phone banks to get out the vote EVERY DAY until polls close on Tuesday. We need your help to call every Democrat statewide and ensure they have a plan to VOTE NO.

Grassroots Phone Banking Opportunities
Stop the Recall: Keep Governor Newsom
in partnership with the California Democratic Party
Sunday, 10am PT/1:30pm ET with Dan Pfieffer! - RSVP
Sunday, 1pm PT/4pm ET with Progressive Caucus / Asm. Ash Kalra! - RSVP
Sunday, 4pm PT/7pm ET - RSVP
Monday, 4pm PT/7pm ET - RSVP
Tuesday, 1pm PT/3:30pm ET - RSVP
Tuesday, 4pm PT/7pm ET - RSVP

Stretch your legs and meet up in the Palisades with friends, neighbors, and — the rumors are true — Senator Amy Klobuchar! Sen. Klobuchar was in the Palisades *in person* on Sunday, 9/5/21 at 11 AM for a Stop the Recall canvass. Thanks to all who attended!

PPDC co-sponsored with the Grassroots Dems HQ

Click here to sign up 


Final weekend rally

NO on the Republican Recall Rally in L.A.

South Sepulveda Boulevard & La Tijera Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
        Please join us as we rally to Stop the Republican Recall. It is IMPERATIVE we VOTE NO, and urgent that we get word out

Reject the Recall:
Doorknocking/lit-dropping in the Palisades
& other neighborhoods

Training: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 6 – 7 PM, via Zoom
In-person walking in the Palisades: Started Tuesday, 8/31/21

Available Palisades times

Sat., Sep. 4, 3 – 5 PM

Sun., Sep. 5, 11 – 1 PM

Wed., Sep. 8, 4 – 6 PM

Sat., Sep. 11, 3 – 5 PM

Sun., Sep. 12, 11 AM – 1 PM

Mon., Sep. 13, 8:30 – 11:30 AM

Click here, here, or here for training sign-up & more info about walking


Your Westside Dem HQ is going strong


We have a date! The Newsom recall election will be Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021
[Click here for election info. Read on for info on volunteering]
We >must< beat back Republican efforts to thwart the will of the majority and take control of California
Scary fact:
"Republicans are very fired up about the recall, with a recent poll showing 75% are highly interested in it.
But only 36% of Democrats said the same, which means Newsom’s challenge in the next two-and-a-half months will be to motivate them to vote."
Want to help motivate fellow Dems?
Sign up for texting/postcarding/calling!
Texters' Facebook group here:
Write postcards to stop the recall:

From our friends at the Grassroots Dem HQ:

What Happens If We Lose? 

Gavin Newsom GIF by GIPHY News
The first round of ballots for recall drop in just 10 days. In 10 days, California voters will start voting on whether to replace Governor Gavin Newsom. 4% of Californians signed a petition to remove Gavin Newsom from office. Taxpayers are paying over $200,000,000 on a recall election for the entire state to vote on whether Governor Newsom should be removed from office. If more than 50% vote YES, the Governor would be removed from office and the person with the most votes would replace him.

That means a Republican with less than 30% of the vote could become governor of the 5th largest economy in the world. What would that look like? Here is what some of the Republican candidates are proposing as they campaign around the state…
  1. “The ideal minimum wage is $0.00.” 
  2. Implementing transphobic rules in high school sports;
  3. Banning mask mandates in schools statewide;
  4. Finish building Trump’s border wall;
  5. Stop incentivizing Californians to get vaccinated against COVID-19;
  6. Firing 15,000 public school teachers.

See more volunteer activities and sign up here

Contact your friends and family to make sure that they’re voting NO on the Recall!  ➡️ https://bit.ly/GDHQ-RelationalOrganizing

Instructions for using the relational organizing tool OutreachCircle ➡️ https://bit.ly/GDHQ-OutreachCircle-Instructions


Click here to read PPDC's Resolution in Support of SB-2

to address police misconduct


If you agree, call or email your Assemblymember (ours is Richard Bloom) in support


Join Stacey Abrams and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and Alex Padilla in opposition to the Republican recall attempt of Governor Newsom!
We stand with Governor Newsom, who has led the state through a global pandemic, record wildfires fueled by climate change, and two years with Trump in the White House. He has earned the trust of Californians.
Newsom is working every day against difficult odds to keep our families safe, distribute vaccines, protect families from eviction, and provide billions in direct relief to individuals and struggling small businesses
If the Republicans take the governorship then they will
  • stop our momentum forward for healthcare, childcare, social justice, prison reform, and so much more
  • appoint judges across our state (and we've seen how important judges are!)
  • hold us all hostage to anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and right-wing conspiracists
  • appoint Congresspeople and US Senators when an opening occurs
Reaching out to Californians via text message is one of the most important tools we have to stop the Republican recall. Please sign-up to say you'll volunteer to send texts
YOUR time, talents, and money made the difference in 2018 and 2020
It led to (D) majorities in both the House and the Senate
and the inspiring leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House
Because of YOU, help is on the way to our beleaguered cities, states, and schools in the form of the
American Rescue Plan!
It's no surprise that the Republicans have introduced
253 new voter suppression laws in swing states
We won in 2018 and 2020 because we out-hustled the Republicans and registered new voters. Our path to victory again in 2022 is the same
We've adopted Pennsylvania, a "triple word score" swing state (with a Senate seat, Congressional seats, and important local races at stake) as well as Arizona (where we need to hold our gains at all levels) for both phone banking and postcarding
We can register new voters and help existing voters convert to permanent vote by mail with your help!
After hearing an impressive presentation from Pali High students at our April board meeting,
we wanted to share this petition with you

PCHS members of Human Rights Watch's Student Task Force have taken it upon themselves to lead the charge on this.
We applaud their efforts! (The LAUSD supports similar goals, but on a longer timeline)


April update on the Republican effort to recall Gov. Newsom:

Eager to fight back?

CLICK HERE for a new CA Dem Party toolkit that's got a ton of info and guidance on how best to help


The California Democratic Party (CADEM) announced a contribution of $250,000 to fight the Republican-led effort to recall Gavin Newsom.

“The California Democratic Party unequivocally opposes the Republican attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom,” stated Rusty Hicks, Chair of CADEM. “The Republican National Committee, wealthy Trump donors and right-wing extremists have joined forces to disrupt California’s road to recovery. Despite the efforts by the GOP to take us back to some of our darkest days, CADEM is prepared to mobilize our grassroots people power and make it clear to voters that the Democratic Party is the only party focused on protecting the health and safety of all Californians and their families,” continued Hicks.

The Stop the Republican Recall campaign is a diverse coalition made up of Democrats and prominent progressives including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Alex Padilla, Senator Cory Booker, Congressmember Ro Khanna, Congresswoman Katie Porter, and Stacey Abrams.

“Rather than supporting California’s pandemic recovery, Republicans are choosing to shift the focus and attention away from those who need it most. Sadly, chaos is the playbook for the Republican Party - and it’s time for Democrats to unite to forcefully reject the Republican recall of our Governor,” Hicks continued.

Join us in getting our pro-science, pro-working families message out to 10 million plus CA Democrats. We can out-organize and out-mobilize the conservative dark money donors looking to swamp CA with their attacks & lies.

Donate here, and watch this space for further actions.


CLICK HERE for the full toolkit and join the fight!




We MUST reform the filibuster and pass the For the People Act

After Covid relief, nothing is more important than passing the For the People Act.  The House passed their version, H.R. 1, on March 3, 2021. If passage in the Senate takes reforming the filibuster in ways acceptable to Sens. Manchin and Sinema, then that's what must be done, without hesitation. And now Manchin is back to saying he won't budge — won't even consider changes. Very frustrating.

All Americans should agree that the more often people who are eligible to vote exercise that right, the better. And that the rich should not be able to buy elections. Let's rally behind this cause as fervently as we fought for change in November 2020! Otherwise a rigged, suppressive system may silence us permanently at the polls.

The For the People Act may be our last chance to save American democracy.
Please sign the petition, call your Senators, write letters, make noise! These sites make it easy:







March 7, 2021 event on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

RSVP for the event here






Follow-up to June 18, 2020 George Gascón town hall

** George Gascón **
for L.A. County District Attorney

Thu., June 18, 2020, 7 – 8 PM

Missed the meeting but want to learn more
or contribute to a candidate committed to major criminal justice reforms if elected L.A. district attorney?

Click here




The #1 thing you can do through November 3, 2020 is


with our Westside Democratic HQ and Get Out The Vote!

See our home page for the latest HQ schedule




Follow-up to our June 16, 2020 event

Our Public Schools: Meeting New Challenges & Moving Forward

with LAUSD board member Nick Melvoin, Palisades Charter High School Black Student Union President Kalkidan Alemayehu, and PPDC's Susan Haskell

Below are some of the organizations and sources mentioned during the event. We hope you will check them out and take action!

  • To sign the petition to support Assembly Bill 331 for ethnic studies in schools go to ethnicstudiesnow.com
  • To learn more about anti-racism and how to take a more active and participatory stance for racial justice go to awarela.org/white-people-4-black-lives
  • To learn more about and ally with Black Lives Matter go to blmla.org
  • To volunteer for the upcoming elections go to westsidedemhq.org
  • If you have not already, please immediately fill out the census and share with your family and friends. The census determines how much federal money the state and our communities receive. 2020census.gov
  • To purchase your 2020 Election merchandise and find out about upcoming Pacific Palisades Democratic Club events please visit our website at www.palidems.org




PaliDems supports

Clean Money -- get big $$ out of politics!

Click image or here for more info from CA Clean Money, and to learn how you can help!



Excited about the prospects of a Green New Deal, and glad Biden/Harris's $2 trillion

Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice adopted many of its principles

after consulting with Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other progressives?

Your PaliDems have been strong supporters of a Green New Deal and sent letters to Sens. Feinstein and Harris, along with Rep. Ted Lieu, to urge them to champion it. Read our letter here, and if you're inspired, call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 to tell their offices how you feel!

(click here to read PPDC letter in support)

More background here on why Republicans are attacking the very idea of a GND and the Biden/Harris plan




Follow-up to our March 26, 2019

Hot Topic Speaker Series event

Addicted: The Opioid Crisis in Our Backyard

Post-event action items:

1. Clare/MATRIX is a substance-abuse nonprofit in Santa Monica. It is also one of only two state licensed "hubs" for the new Hub and Spoke program. This program brings providers -- "spokes" -- together around one "hub" to make treatment more efficient. Amanda Cowan is the Outreach Director for this project at Clare/MATRIX. Her phone number is 323-933-2289. Her email address is [email protected].


2. Allison Towle, the District Director in State Senator Ben Allen's office, spoke about current opioid legislation. There are 14 bills currently active in CA. There is now an Amendment to SB Bill 486, tightening controls on Recovery Houses, that needs constituent support. The best way to support this bill is for groups or individuals to write letters addressed to the primary author Senator Patricia Bates. Her legislative director Sarah Couch is collecting letters of support and can receive them at her email address: [email protected]. The Bill can be found here: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200SB486.


3. The Los Angeles Field Division of the DEA sent Jena Fellenzer, their Community Outreach Specialist. She is interested in getting into any high schools to make her presentation about drug use prevention outreach and education. Anyone with points of contact can reach Jenna at 213-621-6948 or by email at [email protected].


4. Captain Haro from the Los Angeles Fire Department spoke about her field experience handling overdoses. She noted that if civilians make the decision to purchase NARCAN (brand name for Naloxone) to keep on hand for a family or community member, they need to be properly trained. In the best circumstances, NARCAN can reverse an opioid overdose. Anyone who has suffered an overdose NEEDS to be evaluated medically at an ER. 911 should be called immediately.


Training for the use of NARCAN can be acquired here: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/sapc/prevention/PM/092718/HHCLAODPPresentation.pdf






We have only days for the state to conduct independent safety testing of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Unit I, located about 170 miles outside of L.A., while it is shut down for refueling. Please sign this petition to the Governor.

A Fukushima-like meltdown would cause a mass migration out of California, and because coastal winds always blow inland, Diablo's radioactive clouds would irradiate and poison the fruits and vegetables that flourish in our fantastic Central Growing Valley. Diablo's radioactive clouds would also contaminate the drinking water that flows from the Sierra Mountains, through the Central Valley and into cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

If there is a meltdown at Diablo, much of California and its economy would be destroyed.

Click here to read the letter PPDC is sending and that you can send to elected officials.

Quicked action (time-sensitive!): Click here to sign the petition





California is aiming for 100% clean energy. But Los Angeles might invest billions in fossil fuels -- Los Angeles Times

From Mike Bonin: "I am 100% with environmental activists on this. It’s certainly not an issue without complexity, but I simply cannot support reinvesting more money in fossil fuels. We’re killing our planet. I’d encourage you to endorse the letter" (that PPDC has indeed endorsed -- read it here). Learn more about the issue here:


2/12/19 UPDATE: Great news: We seem to have won on this! Again according to the L.A. Times,

Los Angeles is abandoning a plan to spend billions of dollars rebuilding three natural gas power plants along the coast, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday, in a move to get the city closer to its goal of 100% renewable energy and improve air quality in highly polluted communities. (Full article here)

Or read about it here: http://www.palisadesnews.com/index.php/2019/02/13/power-plants-shut-down/

Nice to have good news for a change. All thanks to the activism of people like you who made their voices heard.




The Palisades Dem Club is supporting the idea, proposed by our friends at the Malibu Dem Club, of a California Fire Reserve Corps. Read the proposal here (scroll down to middle of page -- whole page is filled with great ideas).




PPDC has also endorsed Physicians for a National Healthcare Plan's call to action regarding a new Medicare-for-All bill Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced in the House.

Read about it here and let's all follow their advice and make some calls! PNHP action page here.

Ask your rep. to co-sponsor the Medicare for All Act







Gun-Control Reform -- steps to make a difference -- act today.


Supreme Court -- Without winning back the Senate, this is a tough one. Click here to see the many letters we sent to Senators in opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination.






COMPLETED ACTIONS follow -- thank you for your participation!

For months MoveOn.org organized rapid-response rallies in the event that Mueller, Rosenstein, or Sessions got fired -- as happened November 7 with the forced resignation of Sessions.

Rallies all around L.A. were held at 5 PM on November 8


• Thanks to all who helped flip the House from red to blue at our Westside Dem HQ or local phone bank (Pac Pal, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Cuver City).


•  You said NO to AB 84 by calling Senate Elections Committee.

OPPOSE the State Senate's taking up AB 84. Stop corporations and wealthy interests from the power grab that allows them to circumvent campaign finance laws and amass power within our state legislature.

Update 8/15/18: AP article on passage of AB 84 out of committee

UPDATE 8/24/18: Ding dong, the bill is dead...
Congratulations to all who called -- it worked!


You supported AB 931 by calling your State Senator. According to the ACLU.

Police departments in California are some of the deadliest in the country. Police in Kern County, for example, have killed more people per capita than in any other county in the U.S. But many of these deaths could have been prevented if police were held to a higher standard that valued the preservation of life. Fortunately, Assemblymembers Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) introduced legislation to update California’s deadly use of force standard. Under AB 931, police would only be allowed to use deadly force if there were no reasonable alternatives available and if there was an imminent threat to the officer or another person’s safety.... AB 931 will save lives and get us one step closer to that.

This one didn't go our way, but we tried. Click here for more information