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    Medicare Privatization Warning: Trump-Years Booby Trap

    Action Alert:

    Advocates Sound Alarm Over Quiet Trump Era Move That Could Further Privatize Medicare

    "The Biden administration should immediately kill this toxic legacy of the former president."

    A little-noticed scheme hatched in the late stages of the Trump presidency has consumer advocates and universal healthcare proponents warning about a creeping attempt to further privatize Medicare—an effort the Biden administration is being urged to stop in its tracks


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    Article a few months old but the problem is only growing, and most people aren't aware!

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  • Tough Love in 2021

    Great article in the equally great L.A. Progressive by PPDC and MDC's own Ted Vaill. Hope they read it in Washington!

    The French have a gracious outlook on life, but in their past they have endured the Reign of Terror and the guillotine.  Today, as the world starts to emerge from the COVID-19 plague, I was struck by how French President Emmanuel Macron is dealing with it, according to the New York Times.

    Addressing his nation, Macron “stopped short of imposing universal mandatory vaccinations, but he made it clear that the lives of unvaccinated French people would quickly become miserable, potentially with restrictions on their travel and even on their ability to sit for coffee or dine outside their homes with friends.”

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  • PPDC Resolution in Support of SB-2

    Pacific Palisades Democratic Club Resolution of Support for SB-2

    Whereas, the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has raised public awareness of the fear that millions of Black citizens feel when in contact with law enforcement;

    Whereas, Black Americans are killed at 2.6 times the rate of white people in police shootings; are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police; and are more often stopped by the police, who use force disproportionately against them, as compared to other racial groups; 

    Whereas, bias in administrative police records has resulted in the level of racial bias in policing to be underestimated or has even masked discrimination entirely;

    Whereas, police officers fired for misconduct are frequently rehired;

    Whereas, California is one of only four states lacking a process to decertify police officers who abuse their power or engage in serious misconduct;


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    Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 02:00 PM · 46 rsvps

    Annual Meeting 2022

    This event serves as the club's official "annual meeting" (though the club holds many events throughout the year and its board meets monthly), at which the 2022 executive board candidate slate and proposed bylaw modifications will be up for ratification by all club members in good standing who are present

    Click here to read proposed bylaws amendments

    The chairperson of the Bylaws Committee will speak at the meeting to explain the proposed bylaws changes and answer questions. Please look over in advance of the meeting and let us know if you have questions ([email protected])

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    General Admission instructions for submitting questions:

    To ask the electeds a question, please email it in advance to [email protected]
    A moderator will pose questions as time allows

    $100 (to build the war chest for the crucial 2022 Midterms)
    VIPs can be seen/heard/ask questions directly on camera
    Click here for VIP ticketing — available till 11 AM Sun., 1/23 — with greatest thanks!

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    General questions? Email us at [email protected] or call 310-230-2084

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