Republican Tax Scam

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Against Republican Tax Scam

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California Democrats support comprehensive immigration reform that is consistent with American values of freedom, opportunity, compassion, and respect for human rights. In that regard we are leading the nation with the California Dream Act: Students brought here as children can qualify for financial aid for college.

We allow undocumented drivers to get drivers' licenses; it keeps the streets safer. We provide health coverage for permanent residents and legal assistance for children fleeing violence in Central America. We have established a network of sanctuary cities, including Los Angeles (in practice if not in name). PaliDems won’t let families and communities be torn apart.


The Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 provide health care for tens of millions of Americans. Want to know more than almost everyone else? The entire act can be found here.  

Single Payer CA -- SB562

Single Payer in California? Can We Afford It? Can We Afford Not To?

The California State Senate Appropriations Committee released their fiscal analysis of SB 562, sponsored by Senators Lara and Atkins. Opponents immediately objected that SB 562 would cost $400 billion per year, more than three times California’s $124 billion general fund budget for next year.

But that figure is completely misleading -- a single-payer system would actually save both individuals and the state money while dramatically improving coverage.

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Meanwhile, your PaliDems are taking action to encourage Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to move forward on SB 562, currently stalled in his committee. Click here to see our letter to Speaker Rendon, who can be reached at (916) 319-2063.


Our Climate

Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz called on "creative minds and grassroots activists to create the City of the Future ... here, on the ground, in the City of Angels."

With that in mind, the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club is supporting SB 100, to require California to get 100 percent of our electricity from renewable sources before mid-century. SB 71 will require all new buildings to have solar rooftops by 2022.

We also support three other bills specifically aimed at protecting California from Trump-administration attempts to overturn automobile fuel standards (SB 49), public lands use regulations (SB 50), and protection for whistle blowers (SB 51).

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel premiered July 28 in Los Angeles and New York, then August 4 nationwide -- in the middle of a long, hot summer shaping up to be yet another record-breaking year.

Click here to watch a trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel, then add your name to the millions still in for the Paris agreement.