Gun Control

Despite California's strict gun-control laws, it is important to augment them with still-stricter laws. Most important, California prohibits cities and counties from making their own gun regulations, giving the state uniform laws; however, guns can be brought into the state by citizens of other states who are passing through. We must work with the legislature to ban those traveling with guns to enter California.


Among the most important gun control provisions are the requirement for mandatory background checks on gun purchasers and a ten-day waiting period on the purchase of a gun. California has taken a stance on the 2nd Amendment, declaring that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee a citizen's right to carry a concealed firearm; it does not, however, address open-carry weapons in public, which is a complicated issue in this state. Nonetheless, we must work with our legislators to BAN OPEN CARRY WEAPONS. It is also illegal to sell an assault weapon that has not been approved by the DOJ, and pursuant to the Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 (and its Augmentation of 1999) most assault weapons are banned in California. In July 2016, California passed legislation to regulate the sale of ammunition. In addition, a one-year license must be obtained from the California DOJ in order to sell ammunition.

Since the Parkland School shooting in February and the Texas school shooting in April, there are ten new gun-control laws that will be debated in the California Legislature. The proposals to be considered include expanding the definition of assault rifles, expanding gun violence restraining orders, letting individuals block themselves from buying guns, and cracking down on homemade "ghost guns." Paradoxically, gun sales were up substantially this past year to 1.3 million, compared with 450,000 the year before. This figure most likely represents citizens who want to own guns and worry that if they don't purchase them soon, they won't have the chance.

It is the position of the Democratic Party that we need the strongest gun-control and ammunition-control laws. Without them, we can not insure the health and well-being of our citizens.