One of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in California


The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club (aka PaliDems or PPDC) has come a long way since a group of politically active Palisadians incorporated a local Democratic club in the 1950s. We remain just as committed to meaningful change today -- in California, the nation and the world -- as we were on day one.

Most importantly, the club has a membership base that supports progressive ideals. They donate to the cause, attend events, and show up for canvassing, phone banking, and advocacy of local, state, and national issues and candidates.

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Our guiding principle is to advance a progressive agenda for justice and social welfare. We're focused on the following priorities, working to insure each remains integral to the Democratic Party platform:

  • Women’s access to abortion and contraception
  • Scientific research and development
  • Electing progressive Democrats to city, state, county, and federal offices not just in California, but nationwide
  • Environmental protection and addressing climate change
  • Medicare-for-All, single-payer system
  • A living wage tied to inflation
  • Expanding Social Security and the social safety net
  • World class K-12 public education and tuition-free public college
  • Social and racial justice
  • Voting rights for all
  • Peace
  • Gun- and ammunition-safety legislation
  • Immigration reform with a path to citizenship
  • Restoring the middle class and reducing wealth disparity
  • Overturning Citizens United and getting corporate money out of politics

With 2018 midterms looming, a primary focus this year is also to


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Perhaps the most influential and exciting job the PaliDems take on is the opening of a Westside Democratic Headquarters every Presidential election year. These HQs train and equip over 2000 volunteers to make calls and texts to Get Out the Vote in swing states for national races, and in California for local ones ... host candidates and ballot proposition forums ... feature debate-watch and other parties and events ... charter buses to Las Vegas for voter registration and canvassing ... and provide a gathering place for anyone who wants to make a difference and help Democrats win.

They also host our famed collections of election swag, featuring a bigger in-person selection of election merch than you're likely to find anywhere else in L.A.

If we get enough support, there's a chance we might be able to open a 2018 Midterms HQ this year, but that's a big reach.... Click here if you'd like to contribute to that effort (and/or support us generally).


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