Advancing a Progressive Agenda

... to offer a better life to all Americans. And these days, to keep the Trump administration from doing the country harm.

The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club (aka PaliDems, or PPDC) is one of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in Southern California. Since our founding in the 1950s, we've been working to insure that the following Democratic values and goals stay or become fundamental American priorities:

Women’s access to abortion and contraception
Scientific research and development
Electing progressive Democrats to city, state, county, and federal offices
Environmental protection, addressing climate change
Improved and expanded Medicare-for-All, single-payer system

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With the wildly important 2018 midterms looming,

another primary focus this year is to

Flip 8 of 14 California Congressional districts BLUE

aided by the opening of a midterm elections campaign office,

the Westside Democratic HQ, on June 1!



And be informed:

Check out PPDC's L.A. primary election (6/5/18) endorsements HERE

Newly updated: now with recommendation for Judge, Superior Court Office No. 16



Quick alert: is organizing rapid-response rallies in the event that Mueller, Rosenstein, or Sessions gets fired.

Find a local rally here and let the local organizer know you're interested, and they'll send details:

The one closest to the Palisades and Santa Monica won't let more people sign up -- RSVPs must have come fast and furious -- but we happen to know it would take place at the top of the California Incline (Ocean Ave & California).

If the firing(s) were to take place before 2 PM our time, the rally would start at 5 PM that day.

If after 2 PM, the rally would start the next day at noon.




Full house at our most recent

Hot Topic Speaker Series event

Fake News and the Modern Consumer

PPDC brought in journalism professionals with local and global experience to talk about how to discern and treat fake news and identify spin on a Tuesday night (May 8), and you filled the room -- thanks for making time to come!


Above, at lectern: PaliDems President Erika Feresten


Terry McCarthy

President & CEO, Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Bill Bruns

Lifelong journalist & Editorial Adviser, Palisades News

John Harlow

Editor-in-Chief, Palisadian-Post and former Guardian reporter

Maryam Zar

Former foreign correspondent & moderator




What a crowd at the rally to support a midterm elections Westside Democratic HQ, with special thanks to

Reps. Ted Lieu and Maxine Waters; Sup. Sheila Kuehl; State Sen. Ben Allen;

Assemblymembers Richard Bloom and Autumn Burke; Councilmember Mike Bonin;

Eric Bauman, Chair, CA Dem Party; Mark Gonzalez, Chair, L.A. County Dem Party

for motivational speeches that really got the crowd roaring!

** Don't forget, the HQ opens June 1 **







Learn more about the HQ here:

or donate directly here:

Volunteer! Donate! Flip that House!! Opening June 1, 2018




Wow and WOW.

So many of you showed up for the March for Our Lives, both downtown and in Santa Monica.

The passion, the energy, the spicy signage, the orange, the solidarity ... all incredibly inspiring!







Special thanks to those who rode on our bus

and marched holding the PaliDems banner.  : )







2018 Membership Drive still open -- click to join or re-up






 Our January Annual Meeting (open to all!) with

State Sen. BEN ALLEN

Assemblymember RICHARD BLOOM

City Councilmember MIKE BONIN

County Supervisor SHEILA KUEHL

was a huge success, with over 200 in attendance to hear what's in store for 2018 

Read all about it here, and stay tuned for news of our next event









To explore some of our other past events, click here ...




Board meetings generally held the first Tuesday of every month,

6:45 - 8:45 PM, at locations TBA.

Call or email us if you're interested in attending!

Take Action Today!


There are no upcoming events.

Consider joining palidems and host your own!

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